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Educational Learning Toys for Kids Toddlers Age 2 3 4 5 6 7 Years Old Girls Boys

Educational Learning Toys for Kids Toddlers Age 2 3 4 5 6 7 Years Old Girls Boys

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includes letters & words & math learning, interactive quiz games, piano playing, animal sounds, pleasant melodies, twinkling LED screen.

learn letters A-Z, read the 26 letters, numbers 1-10, learn and spell the relevant words, which will build their linguistic ability and cognitive ability at the same time.

 kids Tablet Toys With LED Light & Music. features the smooth emulational piano keys. Press the piano key to play piano tunes.

 equipped with 30+ melodies.

When your baby presses the question button, a light on the LED screen will come on. The tablet will ask questions such as "Can you find the number 2", and when your baby presses the answer, the LED screen will show whether it is correct or incorrect.

Just press the "Music" button on the top right and press the relevant animal to bring it to life here you will hear the music of a cat chirping,birds chirping,dogs barking,frogs quacking,sheep bleating and ducks quacking. Our child's laptop will attract your child's attention.


LETTER MODE: Baby can learn letter A B C .......X Y Z, 26 letters.
WORD MODE: Baby can learn 26 words: A for apple, B for Bike, C for Cat......Learn numbers 1-10
SPELL MODE:Baby can learn to spell words:A-P-P-L-E, B-I-K-E
READ MODE:Follow the tablet to read the alphabets
SONG MODE:Sing to the rhythm
MUSIC MODE:Every alphabet with different music
QUESTION MODE: Learn alphabet, word and number: Can you find the letter “A”? Can you find the number “6”?
MATH LEARNING MODE:Learn the basics of addition and subtraction
KNOW ANIMALS: Tablet with 6 common animals: dog, sheep, cat, frog, duck and bird
PIANO MODE: Learn number1-10 and play tune
VOLUME MODE:3 levels of volume can be adjusted
AUTO SHUTDOWN MODE: Tablet will auto shutsown when you no use for a while
LED SCREEN MODE:The LED screen will show the alphabet, right or wrong.


Tablet Size: 235mmx23mmx185mm
BATTERY: Need 3*AA battery (not included).
User Guide (printed on the package)
Made of sturdy material, very resistant to fall

This baby tablet is a perfect preschool educational learning toy gift for little baby.

Cute looking and bright colors are very attractive, your little ones will have lots of fun with it!

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