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1300℃ Refillable Mini Cigar Lighter Jet Torch Gun Soldering Welding Gas 4 Flames

1300℃ Refillable Mini Cigar Lighter Jet Torch Gun Soldering Welding Gas 4 Flames

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This item is ideal for home kitchen,such as baking,meltingc cheese,toasting marshmallows,meat and seafood,glazing ribs,flaming a cocktail.
Used for outdoor,fireplaces ,grills,BBQ,camping,picnic ,or lighting a cigar and more.

For industry with high burning temperature,you can use it for soldering,jewelry making and welding.
* A must utensil for Kitchen
* Make cooking efficiently and safely,it will not easy to break or stop working after a while during cooking.
* Made of hight quality materials and ergonomic design,no worry about cooking blowtorch sliding from your hands or accidentally igniting.
* Hassle free using,lights in with just one click with no efforts and facilitate the glazing process to the fullest.
* With a flame adjustable regulator,allows you to choose the intensity of the flame accoring to what your cooking every time.
* With a locking mechanism,safe and easy to use.
* Become a home chef yourself with our wonderful cooking blow torch,enjoy the cooking process and try the delicious pastry dishes.
* Improve your cooking skills ,make you relove cooking,make more parties for your kids,family or friends.
* Easy to fill in just a few seconds with lighter butane gas refill.

Use Instruction:
1.Turn IGNITION button to OPEN and ignite by pushing forward;
2.If not use,please turn ignition button to CLOSE so as to facilitate carrying;
3.If continuously using is required,please push ignition button forward and turn it to REMAIN
4.To adjust the height of flame, turn GAS REGULATOR LEVEL to "+"or "-".


* Materials:Aluminum Alloy
* Fire Nozzle:Stainless Steel
* Stand Base:ABS
* Color:Silver+Black
* Max Temp:1300℃
* Item Dimension:12cm*15cm / Length*Height
* Base Diameter: 6cm
* Handle Length:12cm
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