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500X WIFI USB Visual Blackhead Remover Pores Blackhead Cleaner Vacuum Suction US

500X WIFI USB Visual Blackhead Remover Pores Blackhead Cleaner Vacuum Suction US

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Product Description

   Item Type: Blackhead Remover   
   Color: White   
   Material: ABS   
   Power: 4.5W(Max)   
   Battery Capacity: 1000mAh   
   Usage Time: 50mins   
   Weight: 125g   
   Size: 3.5*18cm/1.38*7.09in   

Product Include   
   1*Main Machine   
   1*Pack Filter Sponge   

1.Safe and convenient to use, no side effects   
2.With camera,can connect your phone.That can see the pores clear.   
3.Three replacement heads and 3-speed intensity adjustment,can meet your needs   
4.With filter sponge to effectively prevent dirt and aging keratin from entering the inside of the machine.    
5.The sponge can be used repeatedly.   
6.1000mAh battery,USB charging design, can be use everywhere.   
7.The red light flashes when charging, and the red light is always on when full.   

1.Only used as personal care products. It is not suitable for nose augmentation and all other parts that have undergone skin cosmetic surgery.It can not be used as medical equipment.   
2.It is forbidden for children to use it alone.   
3.Pregnant women and heart patients are not recommended.   
4.Use is not recommended in areas with too thin skin.   
5.Skin with scars and scars is not recommended.   
6.Do not use it directly around the eyes, ears and other parts.   
7.After nursing, the skin will appear a little reddish, which is a normal phenomenon.Don't worry about it   
8.Keep the product in a cool and dry place, away from corrosive substances.   
9.Do not use water directly to clean the product Use a dust-free cloth to gently wipe   
10.the product.   
11.Wi-Fi can't be used for surfing the Inter met.   
12.This product belongs to near focus and cannot be used as monitoring equipment.
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