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7 Colors LED Photon Threapy Face Body Mask Salon Home Use Beauty Skin Care USA

7 Colors LED Photon Threapy Face Body Mask Salon Home Use Beauty Skin Care USA

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Product Description

Item type: LED Skin Therapy Machine
Material: ABS
Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz
Output: 12V, 2A
Power: 24W
Number of LED beads: 112
Power supply mode: Plug-in use

Product Include
1* Main machine
1* Adapter
1* Eye protection glasses
1* Manual
1* Box

1. LED Photon Machine. The appearance is novel, the whole body can be used, accurately improve a variety of skin problems, bring your skin a chance to restart
2. Multiple spectrum, deep penetration. Different LED wavelengths penetrate the epidermal layer, dermis, deep repair, increase skin elasticity, thereby improving wrinkles, increase immunity
3. Light energy focusing. Scientific and technological design, all-round lighting experience, no direct contact with the skin, no pressure on the skin, more comfortable use experience
4. Multi-effect care. 112 LED beneficial light source, wide Angle design, so that every inch of skin can be irradiated light wave, to achieve real three-dimensional care
5. Complete care from head to toe. Foldable design,flat, side, sitting, prone and other flexible use, can be irradiated from head to toe.

How to Use
1. Clean your skin
2. Apply a mask or apply skin care products
3. Connect the power supply, turn on and select the light and time
4. Wear the rubber eye mask and lie down
5. Enjoy a 15-20 minute phototherapy spa

1. Don't look directly into the LED light source. Please wear an eye mask when using.
2. Be careful not to let water enter the device. High currents due to moisture can cause fire or electric shock.
3. Do not use damaged power plugs or loose sockets.
4. When not using for a long time, please unplug the power plug to prevent other accidental leakage or fire.
5. When the product has abnormal water or sound, coke, smoke other smells, abnormal equipment time, etc., please unplug the power supply and contact the after-sales customer service.
6. People Forbidden to Use:
A. Pregnant women.
B. Baby and children.
C. Any people who’re feeling unwell.  
D. People with epilepsy.  
E. People with thyroid disorders.  
F. People who are allergic to light.
If you experience any discomforts during use, please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.
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