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Car Battery Tester Digital Analyzer 12V Car Auto Battery Load Cranking Tester US

Car Battery Tester Digital Analyzer 12V Car Auto Battery Load Cranking Tester US

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1. Compact and portable
2. High sensitivity, fast response time, simple and convenient operation
3. Widely used in the auto repair industry: especially suitable for automotive, electric vehicle maintenance technicians and family, business vehicle maintenance and repair, etc.
4. With reverse connection alarm and over-voltage protection function, the red clip connected to the positive pole "+" black clip connected to the negative pole "-" If connected to the reverse LED display does not show, REVERSE indicator lights up and issue an alarm prompt
5. With LED backlighting screen is also clear, the test that shows the backlighting screen, at night or in the dark can also see clearly the measurement value to assist measurement work, easy to read
6. After correct connection, the LED display will show the real-time voltage of the measured voltage while the LED lights up to indicate the battery status
7. Test the generator charging system status: test, please keep the tester and the battery terminals correctly connected, and then start the generator, the output voltage will be displayed on the LED display, and the right LED lights up to indicate the generator status
8. No need to install the battery, easy to complete a number of tests, using the actual measurement
Product Model: BT-171
Test voltage: 12V
Test method: Positive and Negative test clip
Product material: ABS insulation material
LED light: Red/Green/Blue/White
Product weight: 78g
LED light related instructions:
Full: LED light is on, the battery is in normal condition
MEDIUM: LED light is on, the battery voltage is slightly low and needs to be charged
LOW-Low power: LED light, battery power needs to be charged, beep alarm
EMPTY-no power: LED light, the battery is completely dead, need to charge
HIGH-voltage high: LED light, alternator output voltage is high
GOOD-good voltage: LED light, alternator output is normal
DEAD-fault: LED light, the battery voltage is too low, the buzzer alarm indicates that there should be a problem with the battery, the battery should be checked by a professional engineer to see if it is replaced
RECERSE-positive and negative terminals are reversed: LED lights up, battery tester and battery terminals are connected in reverse, buzzer alarm prompts

Package include:
1* Battery tester

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