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LCD Laser Plasma Pen Mole Removal Dark Spot Skin Wart Tag Tattoo Remover Machine

LCD Laser Plasma Pen Mole Removal Dark Spot Skin Wart Tag Tattoo Remover Machine

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Product Description


Item type: Mole removal pen

Material: ABS

Rated voltage: AC100-240V / 50-60Hz

Input voltage: 5V 1A

Rate power: 5W

Battery voltage: 3.7V

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Charging time: 2 hours

Using time: About 5 hours

Adapter voltage: >5V 1A (recommended)


Product Include

1* Main machine

1 set * Needle

1* USB cable

1* Manual

1* Box



  • Specially designed for home use. Instead of spending a lot of time and money in beauty salons, you can now enjoy easy, safe and economical mole removal anytime at home.
  • 9 gear adjustment. Accurate control of mole and spot removal, to meet various skin cleaning needs, precise control of strength, wide range of use
  • Electro-ion carbonization technology. When used, it generates thermal ions on the skin, instantly destroying the melanin of moles. Physically spot moles, quick results, no side effects
  • Double needle design. For all types of spots, comes with 1 thick needle and 5 thin needles. Together they remove all unwanted spots on the skin including moles, spots, warts, fatty particles, tattoos, etc.
  • LED lighting. The light it emits can pinpoint the location of moles and avoid mistakes
  • Small size and large capacity. Light weight, easy to carry, no sore hands when using. The battery capacity is 1200mAh, the charging time is 2 hours, and the use time is about 5 hours
  • Display screen. Strength, battery level, at a glance



  1. Install the needle
  2. Turn on the power button
  3. Click the LED key to turn on the LED light
  4. Choose the right intensity
  5. Press and hold the work button
  6. Swipe back and forth for the mole or spot that needs to be removed
  7. Turn off the power button
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