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Unique Butane Cigarette LIGHTER & CASE Adjustable Jet Torch Flame Pistol Gun

Unique Butane Cigarette LIGHTER & CASE Adjustable Jet Torch Flame Pistol Gun

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Unique Butane Cigarette LIGHTER & CASE - Pistol Gun Shaped Adjustable Jet Torch Flame 

Very unique cigarette case & jet torch lighter combo in the shape of an automatic pocket pistol. On the side of the lighter is where the butane fill valve is located (must be filled before use). After filling, press the trigger to activate the blue jet torch flame that comes straight out of the end of the barrel. The flame height control is located on the top of the barrel, and when turned up will release more butane when the clicker is pressed. Adjust the slide-control toward the '+' sign to make the flame higher and adjust it toward the '-' sign to make it lower. By pulling back on the chamber-slide, it will lock back to reveal the empty compartment that holds up to ten cigarettes. Pressing the trigger will close the slide simultaneously igniting the flame torch. The torch also works without using the slide. The lighter is all plastic, weighs 2.9oz, is about 4.5"x 3.5"x .75" in size, and is refillable with liquid butane fuel.

  • Brand New
  • Wind-Proof Adjustable Jet Torch Flame
  • Lightweight & Fits in Your Pocket or Purse
  • Made from High-Impact Resin Composite
  • Holds 10 Cigarettes
  • Size: 4.5"x 3.5"x .75"
  • Weight: 2.9oz
  • Fuel: Butane (must be filled before use)
  • FAST & FREE USPS First Class Shipping
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